Parallels Promo 2021 for existing subscribers?

While the Parallels Promo 2021 is only for new 1Password subscribers, some of these promo's were previously also valid for existing 1Password customers despite that restriction (sometimes only after people asked on this forum?).

Is that the case again?

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Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • Hi @XIII!

    Maybe you should write an email to "[email protected]" and describe your problem. Hopefully they can help you. ;)

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    Yes, please reach out to my colleagues in email support. They should be able to answer your questions. If it is possible, they will also be the ones to enable it. I wasn't aware the bundle was going again. Nice to see it.

  • Yes, please reach out to my colleagues in email support.

    That was a major disappointment:

    • first a BitBot reply: "If you already have a 1Password Families subscription, one of my human friends will be happy to apply a credit to your account."
    • then (a day later) a reply from a real person: "Our current Parallels promo is for new customers only (as mentioned in the Parallels website), so we wouldn't be able to apply it to your account to extend an existing 1Password membership."


  • I am very sorry about that.. :(

  • +1, I encountered the same disappointment mentioned by @XIII
    It feel like just I have been played by the conflicted support.
    I just bought the promo because of the response of first email :'(:'(

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Thank you all for the feedback, and sorry for the disappointment! I will be happy to pass it your comments to our sales team :+1:

  • Sales offered me a small credit. I appreciate the offer, but it's not similar in value to the promo.

    To prevent further disappointment I recommend turning off that automatic BitBot reply that sets false expectations.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    We can certainly take that into consideration @XIII. I am sure that the sales team discussed this already and made an informed decision back then, but we are always happy to discuss things further for the future :+1:

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