Limiting family to specific shared vaults; setup questions

I currently have a family subscription and have essentially 'Private vault' for myself; shared vault1 for daughter; shared vault2 for son. However, when I log into my daughter's account is (1) asked for the 'Family master password' - not hers and (2) her account can see all the vaults, not just hers. I don't want her to see my 'Private vault' in case her computer would get compromised.

I've gone through the settings and invitations process and based on what I see, she should only have access to her vault. I can't seem to get her account to accept her Master Password and only see her shared vault. (BTW - her computer is a Windows10 setup)

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    It sounds like you have linked her device to your account instead of hers. You would need to unlink the device and relink it to her account. She would have her own Master Password, Secret Key and email when filling in the details or scanning them.

  • If I unlink her account, will her Shared Vault go away and be deleted?

    Also - does she have her own version of My understanding is that she is under my instance since I can support up to 5 users under that subscription.

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    Unlinking the account from the device has no relation to the actual deletion of an account or her data.

    Yes she has her own login and can use You are the Family Organizer, and there are up to five individuals under you. Each member has their own login to and their own Master Password.

    If you created the vault under your account you would need to share that vault with her. All accounts have a Primary vault in addition to any shared vaults.

    Create and share vaults

  • Ok - so I need for her to create her own account under, under her own email address - and then I can share with her? However, if true - does her account get charged as well, or does she fall under my 5 licenses?

  • @ctmerkel1 Yes, but you need to invite her to join your 1Password family & then she sets-up her own account under her own email address. Log-in to using your credentials and send her an invite from the following page:

  • That worked perfect. Thank you for your help!

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    Thank you for the update @ctmerkel1! I am glad to hear that the suggestion worked (and thank you missingbits for the assist) :)

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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