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Hi everyone!

I would like to suggest to remove the 1 year item history limit. I am paying for 1Password Family subscription and especially less advanced users like my mom do get anxiety regarding the possibility of messing up things. Is this taking up too much storage or what is the reason for the 1 year limit?

Thank you

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    Hey @som33333 ,

    There's a bunch of reasons for this 1 year limit, including storage limit (though neglectable when it comes to login items), ordering and organization of ones account, preventing confusion and user error (e.g. someone suddenly a user finds thousands of logins in his trash after years of not knowing they are there, and decides to bring them all back into his vault) etc.

    If an item has been in the trash for a whole year, It is pretty much safe to say that the user doesn't need it anymore, and to prevent a possible huge mess for users like your mom, it is best to delete these items instead of hoarding them into a big pile of unusable logins.

    I can definitely forward your feedback though if you feel it would be more beneficial to your use case. :chuffed:

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