I can't figure out how to use 1Password Family

I've been a long time user of Version 4 and then 7. There was an extension in my web browser. I don't understand how 1Password is going to be invoked. I have started a Windows app on my PC, signed in. But when I go to a browser and go to one of my sites where I hope 1Password will help me. (And I managed to import all my logins.)

Chrome says I have the extension installed. But there is never an icon to invoke 1Password.

Have I installed 1Password incorrectly? How to proceed?


  • Hi @zITA!

    Chrome says I have the extension installed. But there is never an icon to invoke 1Password.

    In Chrome you should have the extension icon which you have to click to get installed extensions visible. If you see 1Password there click it and stick it to your browser. So it should be placed in the top of your browser as you expect it to be. ;)

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member

    Thanks @DenalB!

    Yes, with the extension installed in Chrome, you may need to click the Jigsaw icon to reveal the 1Password extension, and then pin it to your browser's address bar. Let us know if we can help out any further @zITA! :smile:

  • These suggestions showed me the way. I had to "pin" the extension. I never had to do that with previous versions. (I wonder where I overlooked THAT installation instruction?)

    Everything is working fine (and predictably) now. Thank you both for your support.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update. We're happy to hear things are working better.

  • I wonder where I overlooked THAT installation instruction?

    It has nothing to do with 1Password extension. This is a "feature" which is new in Chrome, and it affects all other extensions too. ;)

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member

    @DenalB is right - with the introduction of Chrome's extension manager, newly-added extensions are automatically placed within the menu of the manager. We suggest pinning 1Password directly to the address bar for easy access. :smile:

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