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  • I just got a new MacBookPro BigSur version 11.2.3. I am an individual stand alone 1Password member with 1Password 6. It is unclear to me how to install Chrome and Safari extensions so I can autofill. Need any help you can offer.

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    Hi @nancyjay!

    You can download the 1Password extensions from here. If you need to use 1Password in Safari too, you will have to upgrade to 1Password 7 however. Please see here for more information:

    1Password 6 in Safari

  • I've got the same issue but the link just has the download for the full application. Seemingly not the Chrome extension.

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    If you click on the link in my previous post, you will get directly to the download section for the extension:

  • When I try to install 1Password extension to Chrome on my new MacBook Pro, it looks like I am required to become a 1Password member. I thought that I don't have to be a member as a stand alone user. Please clarify. I have used 1Password for many years without paying a monthly fee beyond the initial sign up fee. Have things changed since then and is it because of a new laptop that I will be required to pay a monthly membership fee?

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    Get the 1Password classic extension sounds like what you're looking for.

  • I think that did the trick. Thanks for the help, ag__tommy.

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    On behalf of Tommy, you are welcome!

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