used 1password for several years. 2 days ago can't log in. Using MacBook Pro Big Sur 11.2.3

I have Never heard from any of your reps regarding my problem. I have been contacting you by email since 10:18 AM this morning…it is now 6:00 PM.

Please see the attached additional info that may be helpful. It is from the 1Pass help I got off the internet. I wrote in red pencil at each section on the 5 pages of help what was going on. I have also included pictures of the relative screens on my MacBook Pro and comments in red pencil for you to see.

They keep asking for a "Secret Key" but I do not believe I have ever had one. I have been using this 1Pass version since 3-9-2018 and I have NEVER had to have a "Secret Key". I just click the 1Pass icon, enter my master password and it opens, and I have access to all my passwords.

My MacBook pro works fine and I have no problems with any other of about 15 software apps that I regularly use.

The Mac OS software version was updated automatically about 10-15 days ago, it is now Big Sur 11.2.3. I lost access to 1Pass this past Thursday, 4/2/21 but it was working OK before then.

So I click on 1Pass and get the following:
Scan your account details
Enter your account details manually

What details am I supposed to scan? What do I scan them with? Where do they go after scanning?

Enter Manually? Same questions as above…and where do I enter…in particular, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW since I CANNOT OPEN 1PASS.

I have tried to make my questions as concise and to the point as possible. I have utilized the info and process you provide on the internet. Please at least acknowledge you are receiving my explanations and that someone will respond in my lifetime.

So far, 1pass support has been underwhelming. Is there another place to go for support and the opportunity to solve my problem? I have been trying to solve this issue and contacting you with a number of emails for about 8' today. I still have not had any response. Can you please give me the "pass code" on how I can get a helpful response?

Thank you and respectfully, Cole

Cole Oehler

<1Pass Problems.pdf>

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    I see you have been talking with one of my colleagues. Please continue the discussion there. The email support is not a chat-type feature. Each time you reply, you push your ticket back down the list as we work on a first-in, first-out type of basis. Please allow time for my colleagues to reply to you.

    I am going to close this topic to prevent duplication of efforts.

    ref: HLP-93553-252

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