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For some vaccinations like you follow a schedule. The schedule for TBE is like this; the second vaccine is given 1-3 months after the first and the third is given 5-12 months after the second. After that you should have a booster every 3-5 years.

I can of course create a note for this. But it would be nice to have a reminder when it is time for the next vaccine. E.g. you enter a field with the date when you took the first dose and enter a date for the next dose. When the next dose is coming up you get a reminder like for expiring passports.

The item type will contain your vaccination history and future vaccination dates. It will be very useful especially for my kids. I personally don't know all the vaccines I have taken, there wasn't any national vaccination registry (where I live) when I was young and it still isn't any for voluntary vaccination.


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    As you mentioned a note is likely the best approach at the moment. I use a note because of Markdown support.
    Format your secure notes with Markdown

    That also brings us to your other point of a reminder system. I'll be happy to pass on your feedback to the development team for future consideration.

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#55

  • Great, thanks.

    I used a note with date fields. Maybe it would be possible to find a more generic solution where you can mark any date or year/month field as reminder source.

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    Thank you for the feedback :+1:

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