Java SDK for 1Password Connect Server

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Hi 1P community,

I just wanted to share that I have published an initial version of an (unofficial) Java SDK for interacting with the 1Password REST API/1Password Connect Server.

(Javadoc for client is here)

I will be maintaining this library and adding updates/features/enhancements to make interacting with Secrets Automation through Java much easier.

Hope this helps others!

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  • Carson_1PCarson_1P

    Team Member

    Rohan this is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your work, and for taking the time to build this!

    How was working with the API? Be honest :smile:

  • edited April 19

    @Carson_1P it was actually very enjoyable to work with the API! The docs were easy to follow and I was able to get up and running really quickly.

    One small thing that threw me off for a little while was when I was working with the "replace an item" API method, it wasn't documented that the replacement item needs to have the id set with the same id as the existing item's id. Would be good to have that documented in the API Reference.

    Other than that, everything was explained well, great job on the API. I'm excited to see the things people build!

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