Storing K8s secrets in 1Password

Is there a recommended way to store environment variables in 1Password? Ideally we'd create a single 1Password item that contains all environment variables. Do we just create a text file listing all the variables in 1password? An example:


For apps that have 100's of environment variables stored as a single K8s secret, what is the best way to add them to 1password?

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  • James_1PJames_1P

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    The Kubernetes Operator will map a 1Password Item to a single K8s secret with each field on the 1Password item being created as a key on a k8s secret.

    Assuming that your current setup has those 100's of variables stored as keys in a single k8s secret you could create a single 1Password Item with all of those fields. The best way to get them from k8s into 1Password right now would be some sort of scripting option that reads the existing secrets and uses the Secrets Automation API to create the item.

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