Need to download/read files (document) stored inside vaults

We already started to implement the new Secret Automation feature.

We want to include it as part of deployment procedure which will contains many configuration files in different formats (JSON, YML, .env).
So, instead of creating items for individual fields we stored all configuration files inside the vaults.
But issue is we are not able to fetch them (runtime download/read and use them) during deployment using APIs or SDK.

The only info we can get from SDK is called FullItem (which includes all metadata and all other related fields).
We are missing the content of file (do not currently know way to get the content of file programmatically).
We think it should be possible to get content since 1password's different OS client can show and download content of those files inside vaults.

It would be very helpful and easy for us to implement files directly and make whole deployment automated and secure.
so, we would like to request for help on how to achieve it or if this is not available yet we would like to request the feature.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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  • James_1PJames_1P

    Team Member


    Thanks for reaching out with your interest. The initial launch of Secrets Automation did not include support for accessing attached files but it is on the roadmap as a future capability.

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