how do i change the shortcut for "press <shortcut> to unlock?

i changed the shortcut to "press <ctrl+shift+O> to unlock> but that conflicts with Firefox. Now i cannot find the menu to change it back. Please help!!

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  • ag_tommy
    edited May 2021


    Are you looking for 1Password > Settings > General - Keyboard shortcuts?

  • DanBenton
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    Yeah, i tried that. But the shortcut for editing"press to unlock" isn't there. it's in a small menu with only 2 options - and i can't find it again!

  • @DanBeaton

    It sounds like you may be using 1Password in the browser. If so, right-click the 1Password extension and click settings. Then scroll down and click on the link for Change on the Extensions Page.

  • DanBenton
    Community Member

    Yes!! Thank you very much!

  • That's wonderful news!

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