1Password for Linux, STABLE! 🎊


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Way back in August, 2020, Dave announced our development preview of 1Password for linux. Back then, it was a read-only view of the application. Item creation and editing was already in progress, but still had months before they could be completely ready. We wanted to show you what we were working on, to show that we now want to support Linux, and to demonstrate the future of 1Password.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the stable release of 1Password for Linux!

I'd like reflect on biggest features we've added since our first development preview.

  • Item creation and editing
  • The ability to add documents to 1Password
  • The settings dialog
  • Archived items
  • Connection to the Secrets Automation service
  • Browser Integration
  • The welcome tour
  • Moving items
  • Drag and drop
  • Item favorites
  • Tag editing
  • A command line interface
  • Improved integration with Linux locking, idling, and sleeping
  • A gorgeous new lock screen and two-factor prompt
  • Smoother sidebar navigation
  • Support for Arch Linux

That is quite a long road to go down! The difference just in the look and feel of this stable release of 1Password and our initial preview is just night and day.

1Password for Linux has come a very long way in nine months. Through dogfooding, user testing, and feedback, we have gotten incredible extra direction on the product. I am very proud to have worked with this team of very dedicated (and smarter than me) people. I am also very glad to be helping make life on the internet both safer and easier for everyone.

Here's to another year of growth! I assure you, we have some great things in order, and I hope that you continue down this path with us.

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