the problem with replacing the trash with archive



  • skatchskatch Junior Member

    @rootzero I’m using the Mac app. And yes I use the keyboard shortcut (hit the delete key) to move items to the trash.

    @Ben yeah I realize the copy-to-trash-on-move behavior isn’t new. But the trash –> archive rename ignores that what ends up in a trash is different than what ends up in an archive, and the app hasn't updated its behavior to reflect this. The trash had items that I (or in this case, the app) had marked for deletion, whereas the archive has items I’ve marked for keeping. Now both items get mixed together and I have to manually comb through them.

    I’m posting because it's not clear yet what the plans are for how the archive will work in future versions, and I'm hoping these usage scenarios are helpful for whatever team is working on this. My tl;dr feedback is: although trash may have been renamed to archive, trash ≠ archive.

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