Watchtower (Expiring) not work with Driving Licences or Memberships

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I'm currently configuring some new Memberships items and can't get the expiry to flag in Watchtower.

Watchtower flags correctly if I create either a new Passport or Credit Card.
It doesn't work if I do the same with Driving Licences or Memberships

I note that If I navigate to this link ...

... I see the following information :-

Expiring shows items that are expiring soon, so you can take action:

credit cards, memberships, and drivers licenses that are expiring within 2 months
passports expiring within 9 months

items that have already expired

Can you please advise how I can get this functionality working correctly ?

1Password Version: v7.6.801
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 10 21H1
Sync Type: via 1PW Account


  • MikeT
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    Hi @Swivel_Eyes,

    Thanks for writing in.

    If it is okay with you, can you share what date is in the expiry date field of your membership field and what locale (country/lang) is configured on your PC?

    I tested it and it seems to be fine here:

    Here's the expired banner using 02/2021:

    Here's the expiring banner using 06/2021 (equal to 06/30/2021):

    Same for the Driver license:

  • Swivel_Eyes
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    Hi Mike,

    Yes, my PC is configured for time zone (UTC + 00:00) and the keyboard language is English (UK).

    Credit Card - Format : month/year : Banner appears
    Credit Card - Format : dd/mm/yyyy : [ This format isn't available ]

    Membership - Format : month/year : No banner
    Membership - Format : dd/mm/yyyy : No banner

    Driving Lic. - Format : month/year : No banner
    Driving Lic. - Format : dd/mm/yyyy : No banner

    Passport - Format : month/year : No banner
    Passport - Format : dd/mm/yyyy : No banner [ This was working but now doesn't after flip/flopping the date format ]

    Outdoor Lic. - Format : month/year : No banner [ I didn't mention this in the OP because I have no need, but neither format works ]
    Outdoor Lic. - Format : dd/mm/yyyy : No banner

    For info, if I change the time zone to (UTC - 05:00) and keyboard to English (US), the problem remains.

    In addition, I also see the same behaviour on my iOS devices and when viewing the vault through a browser on

  • Swivel_Eyes
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    Some additional information after some further experiments.

    Do the following using a new Membership, Driving Licence, Passport and Outdoor Licence to see if you can replicate this behaviour ...

    Create new -->> Enter the expiry in the default format -->> Save -->> Banner appears.
    Edit the item -->> Change expiry format to the alt. option -->> Save -->> No banner
    Edit again -->> Change expiry format back to default -->> Save -->> No banner

    No amount of further changes brings the banner back. So something's fundamentally awry.

    BTW, the reason there appears to be no problem with Credit Cards, is that there's no option to change the expiry date format.

  • @Swivel_Eyes, huge thanks for taking the time to investigate this deeply with us.

    Unfortunately, that is a bug and you are correct, it is fundamental or rather a limitation of us using the templates created long before Watchtower.

    Watchtower checks for known fixed expiry date fields that we wrote but when you change the format, it randomized the field's ID as a normal date field (not an expiry date field anymore). That means Watchtower no longer recognize it as expiry date field, even if you're calling it expiry. We don't check all date fields as a limitation at the moment and that's why it doesn't work anymore.

    We weren't supposed to let you change the formats in these templates, that's a bug for sure. We'll look at fixing this by removing the format option.

  • Swivel_Eyes
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    Thanks for confirming.

    If you are proposing to remove the format option, can we please have a full date option as the only available format for these four categories i.e. dd/mm/yyyy (or whatever the PCs' regional setting are) rather than just mm/yyyy that you use for a Credit Card ?

  • @Swivel_Eyes,

    can we please have a full date option as the only available format for these four categories

    Yes, that is our desire at the moment for the future, not just for these four categories but all of them. We may not need two separate date fields either.

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