How to sign-in to the desktop app using hardware key as a 2FA

How do I change the 2FA method during signing-in process in the 1p desktop app? I'd like to use my Yubikey (which was added to my account through the web settings). It seems to me that the auth app is the only available 2FA method. Am i doing something wrong?

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    @namiaro No you're not doing it wrong. YubiKey is currently only supported on iOS, Android and browsers. 2FA on the desktop apps requires an authenticator app. My understanding is that there's a mid-to-long term aim to support YubiKey in the desktop apps, but as always this is subject to other priorities.
    The main advantage of a YubiKey over an authenticator app is that it protects you from "man in the middle" type phishing attacks. This is conceivable in a browser, but seems unlikely when installing the desktop app due to other protections and because you typically only install it once. That said, it would be good to get this gap closed.

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    @missingbits Thanks for clarifying! Makes sense, but as you said, it'd be nice feature to have.

  • Well-said @missingbits!

    We're constantly looking at ways to make 1Password better, and continuing to integrate hardware keys like YubiKeys into the 1Password apps is certainly on our list of things to do. Keep an eye out, you never know what's coming next! 😎

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    but synching the desktop app with servers, does not expose you the same to "man in the middle" type phishing attacks?

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    Perhaps this documentation page will help:

    About the 1Password security model

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