Launching 1Password from browser extension, should open the window on the same screen as the browser

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Currently, the 1Password window will launch on the screen it was last used. There are two cases where that behavior is inconvenient:
1. When the browser window that launches 1Password (via the extension) is on a different screen.
2. When launching from the OS dock which is on a different screen.

In those two cases, the simplest solution may be to launch the window on the screen where the cursor is contained. For electron, something like this may work:

let cursor = screen.getCursorScreenPoint();
let distScreen = screen.getDisplayNearestPoint({x: cursor.x, y: cursor.y});

It uses the screen api.

Source: Stack Overflow


  • @ceiphr Thanks so much for sharing this suggestion! I've passed it along to our Development team to look into. Let me know if you have any more feedback! :smile:

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