Latest process for local backup on macOS


Like several other people I've found commenting on these forums, I would like an independent, encrypted backup of my 1password data. I do not really believe that it is truly "impossible" for 1password's copies of my data to be lost, or corrupted, or deleted, or locked by ransomeware. But even if I'm wrong, there is little harm in me having n independent backup for peace of mind. (A local cache that would auto-update from a corrupted / deleted copy on 1password's servers is not sufficient.)

Is the workaround described in and still the best workaround on offer?

If so, where is the cache now stored on macOS 11?

If proper support for local backups is not imminent, could this cache location please be documented in your support articles, so that I and others can easily find the latest cache location if/when it changes?


1Password Version: 7.8.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 11.2.3
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:backup local

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