How does anyone use the new browser plugin? It's making us look for a new password manager.

I've been using 1Password for a few years now, but I (and my whole family) have been using the classic browser extension which integrates with the 1Password desktop application. The classic extension was great and did everything I needed it to. However I just reinstalled my browsers and had to reinstall the 1Password extension, and found that the Classic plugin looks to be on the way out, replaced by the terrible renamed 1PasswordX "updated" plugin.

I've been using the new version of the browser extension for a few days now and.. How does anyone use this? It's an eyesore, ugly, huge, unnecessarily bubbly taking up space with no way to disable or convert back to a "compact" or professional visual style. The looks aren't even the worst part.

It doesn't adhere to an entry's "hide in list" option, it has crashed on login multiple times for me already, it lacks useful features or hides them in unnecessarily convoluted workflows (like "view all credit cards" now hidden under a menu, or "Generate Password" hidden in the "New" page), It tries really hard to force the "Autofill" workflow on you, and only a very small number of entries and fields are visible at any time because the ugly new theme is huge.

This new version, which seems to be the default going forward, is unwieldy and a major step backwards from the functionality and usability of the classic plugin. Yes I know I can download the classic version, but for how long? Also, it isn't officially supported by any browser extension stores (Firefox extension, Chrome web store, etc) and with my family members not being very tech savvy they don't even know there's another option when they go to install it.

We're currently testing out other password managers because after a few days of using this, it's already driving me mad.

1Password Version: 7.7.810
Extension Version: 2.0.5
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @tonycoculuzzi !

    Just install the classic extension again. It should work as expected! ;)

    Actually, this classic version will not get any updates, but it is still supported.

    I started using the new extension some weeks ago. It works, but there are some functions the new extension will not get or will get in the future. But it is different. You have to get used to it. The biggest thing which is not working with the new extension are local vaults! Only the classic extension is supporting these vaults.

    So, actually there is no need to search for an alternative. ;)

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member
    edited July 20

    Hey @tonycoculuzzi ,
    Thank you kindly for the feedback and input here, much appreciated!

    I know that every visual change that drops on a user without expecting it might be taken extremely badly - we are users too and we know what it feels like when software changes out of the blue! But it is indeed just a matter of getting used to a new look and different location of functions you use.

    1Password Classic is quite outdated, both UI wise and functionality wise. In my personal opinion, it is very Windows 98'y looking. An update was long overdue!
    The new look is much more current, and big is often better (especially for older folks!) since you can clearly see what you are selecting and what you need. Now you can actually see the login item's details (including username, password, website URL and notes!) which was really missing in 1Password Classic.

    As @DenalB mentioned, you can still indeed use the classic extension if you prefer, but I hope you'll give the newer 1Password another week or two of test run before disqualifying it. It is really a treat to have 1Password show up automatically where you need it, letting you autofill with a single click.

    The new extension has a settings page in which you can adjust some of its behavior if you don't like it. For example, you can turn off the inline menu so it won't show up automatically when you click on a username/password field - but again, that's one of the features that make the new extension so useful and great.

    As for the crashing - that is something we definitely would like to help you with. Are you able to reproduce the crashing or is it completely random? What exactly crashes? The extension or the entire browser? do you get any errors?

    Thanks again for all the feedback here. We'll keep improving things according to users feedback as we have always been, so feel free to share any other thoughts and experiences you have.

  • Thanks for the reply @ag_yaron

    I haven't experienced a crash in the past few days, so I'm not quite sure what was going on there.

    As for the visual style, I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say: It'd be really nice to have a way to enable a more functional, compact, visible style. Maybe a theme or density setting? (Like Firefox, for example)

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @tonycoculuzzi ,
    Thanks for the followup.

    I'm glad to hear crashes no longer occur. If you do encounter it again, do let us know!

    The feedback we're getting from other users is often the other way around - they want to be able to adjust the extension's window size to make it bigger more often than not. We also just recently added dark mode to the extension and it has been a fan favorite! Perhaps you'd like it better in dark mode, which can be turned on in the extension's settings page.

    In any case, we'll look into your feedback and track any other similar feedback we get from other users in the future. Thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts and feelings on the matter! Much appreciated :+1:

  • Sorry, I think I worded my message incorrectly. When I say "the UI is too big" I mean the individual UI elements. The size of the popup is in-fact too small in my opinion, but this is made even worse by the fact that a single UI elements takes up a 10th of the space.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Thank you for clarifying that point!

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