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  • Same here. I encountered the issue this morning, discovered there was a new beta version out, and the update fixed the issue. 🤞

  • This update seems to "seize" the clipboard when clearing the clipboard after 90 seconds.

    1. Copy Item Field in 1Password (can be anything), and paste it - Successful
    2. Within 90 seconds Copy and paste something outside of 1Password - Successful
    3. After 90 seconds, copy and paste something outside of 1Password - Failure - Nothing Happens
    4. Copy Item Field in 1Password again and paste it outside - Successful
    5. Copy and Paste same thing from outside 1Password - Successful
    6. After 90 seconds, copy and past something outside of 1Password - Failture

    So it appears that the 'Remove copied information and authentication codes after 90 seconds' is doing something odd with the clipboard.

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    I can confirm this copy issue, it's easy to reproduce it using the following steps:
    1) copy a password
    2) paste it somewhere (e.g.: notepad)
    3) wait 90 sec (do not copy anything else, the 1pw should clear the history(!))
    4) try to copy anything else now (not from 1pw), the whole copy and paste will be "disabled"

    80400006, on NIGHTLY channel

    Only workaround for me, that I have to completely kill the application (every process), and restart the whole app, login again etc.

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    Thanks @jcsully217 and @peterlilli for the detailed steps. After some testing, I do not see the issue on the latest beta, but I do see the issue in the latest nightly. This appears to be a newly introduced bug.

    @jcsully217 Can you confirm if you are using the nightly or beta channel? This should be visible from the "About" page in settings. Thanks!

  • @K.J._1P Yes, Nightly build, sorry.

    80400006, on NIGHTLY channel

  • I went back to the current beta and the issue isn't present.

    Fully aware it's nightly (and I accept the risk), so not a criticism at all, more so a cheers to you all: this was only time there was a bug so bad in nightly that I had to revert to beta, but this one is particularly bad.

  • K.J._1PK.J._1P

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    @jcsully217 We agree that this is a critical one and started working on it immediately! With your help, we were able to ensure that this bug never made it to the beta channel.

    Thanks for the steps to reproduce, it made it very easy for our developers to find the issue and fix it quickly. The issue should be resolved in the latest nightly release (1Password for Windows 8.4.0, 80400008, on NIGHTLY channel).

    @peterlilli If you have a chance to test again, please let me know if the problem is still occurring on the latest nightly release.

    Thanks again! Cheers!

  • @K.J._1P I have updated my application today, and now everything looks good! Thanks for the quick solution!

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Glad to hear that fixed it @peterlilli! :smile:

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