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Updater doesn't understand symlinks

Hi all! This is a bit of an edge case, but I thought I'd mention it. I've installed the macOS Monterey beta on an APFS volume so I can test stuff. I symlinked 1Password into /Applications on my Monterey partition, so that I would only actually have one copy on disk, and when I update one, they both update. This has been working fine, except the 1Password updater doesn't realize they're the same app, so it complains that I have multiple copies. This is a laudable feature in general, but in this case it's not actually helpful, because I really do only have one copy.

I'm seeing the issue on Big Sur. It doesn't really matter whether it happens on Monterey, since presumably this would happen if I symlinked it to some random external drive or other location. It's about symlinks, not about Monterey.

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.8.7.BETA-2 (70807002)
Extension Version: 7.8.7.BETA-2
OS Version: macOS 11.5.1 (20G80)


  • chadseldchadseld 1Password Developer

    Team Member

    Hi Zev,

    That is an interesting scenario. I'm a little bit surprised 1Password even works when symlinked into /Applications since the system performs a lot of code sign validation -- especially when using the safari app extension.

    The duplicate installs identified in that updater screen are determined by querying the Launch Services database -- so the system really thinks there are two copies.

  • Zev EisenbergZev Eisenberg
    Community Member

    Ah yeah, the launch services thing makes sense. You'd probably need extra permissions to actually follow the symlink and see for yourself. Maybe worth a radar to launch services, but realistically it will never get fixed.

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member

    @Zev Eisenberg,

    definite yup on the launch services "realistically" conclusion there. I sent you a message on slack with more details. :\

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