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1Password 8 Early Access & Firefox

Just a quick FYI, when I installed the new Firefox extension for Firefox (91.0), I had to manually delete the "old" 1Password extension. As I didn't see the "new" 1Password 8 icon, as I hadn't pinned it and I only saw the "old" 1Password 7 icon, which when I clicked on it, I got an error saying that I didn't have access to 1Password and to see my admin. So, I tried reinstalling the 1Password 8 Firefox extension and saw the new icon appear then hide. Then the light bulb went on and I pinned the new extension and deleted the old 1Password 7 extension.

1Password Version: 8.2.0-44.BETA
Extension Version: 2.0.5
OS Version: Not Provided


  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Thank you for this, @r8ders2k! The issue of "I've downloaded the browser extension but don't see it" does seem to come up quite a bit. That can be an issue in cases like yours, when you already have an earlier version installed and it's easy to get confused. Sometimes it can lead folks to think that the install hasn't been successful, too. πŸ€”

    I'll make a mental note when helping folks with the browser extension that they should probably pin the icon in the future. That way, things should be clearer and more intuitive. Thanks for letting us know about your experience with the upgrade - and we'll keep an eye out for any 1Password customers running into the same thing. πŸ‘

  • r8ders2kr8ders2k
    Community Member

    Will the iOS version be available via TestFlight...?

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    @r8ders2k – So far, the 1Password 8 for Windows Early Access and the 1Password 8 for Mac Early Access are the only two that are available. Stay tuned! 😁

  • BenBen

    Team Member

    Hi @r8ders2k

    Will the iOS version be available via TestFlight...?

    It is now! πŸ™Œ

    1Password 8 for iOS & iPadOS Beta πŸ“±


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