Irritating Updater Behaviour

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I was just informed of the update to 1Password 7 Version 7.8.8.BETA-0 (70808000), and I installed it as usual. Also, as usual, the updater hung at the 'Validating...' stage, even though the app had been updated and would launch OK. I quit the installer, as I usually do! This isn't a big deal, but I hadn't seen it mentioned here, so I thought I should report it.

1Password Version: 7.8.8.BETA-0
Extension Version: 2.0.5
OS Version: Mac 11.5.2


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    I noticed a little wonkiness with my update. That said, I had a dialogue open behind the installer causing me trouble. Thanks for the report. I'll keep an eye out and see if we can reproduce it.

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