Dated UI? [Refreshed UI coming in 1Password 8, currently in Early Access]

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I’ve been a 1P customer for about 10 years, first with an individual account then later with a family account. I love the product and wish AgileBits continued future success. Toward that end, I’d like to offer one item of constructive feedback.

IMHO, the UI in the 1P apps looks dated. I only use the macOS and iOS apps, but both have had the same UI for years now. When I compare 1P with the cloud apps and the financial apps that I use, the latter look fresher and cleaner. I want 1P to stay competitive, and yes, functionality is key. But a good UI attracts new users, and it signals a company’s focus on user experience. So again, IMHO 1P needs a facelift (fonts, colors, positioning of information, workflow, etc).

My two cents.


  • Have a look at the 1Password 8 Early Access version.

    Many people complain because it’s different than before, so you might actually like it?

  • Thank you. I looked at the screenshots in the blog article, and it looks promising. I'm not keen to be a beta tester, but I look forward to the new release.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for sharing @Newbie2018. :) Glad to hear you're looking forward to 1Password 8!


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