Browser integration broken (8.2.2-57.BETA): KeyRingHelper runs into errors

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(This may be related or even the same as, but I'm not sure if the non-beta 8.2.2 is the same as 8.2.2-57.BETA.

May also be related to as log message about /usr/lib64 is the same - but the report there seems to be primarily about the log file appearing in the home directory)

Since 8.2.2-57.BETA the integration with the browser is broken on my system. In the BrowserSupport logs I see:

INFO  2021-09-24T16:44:15.026 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging/op-browser-support/src/] Starting 1Password-BrowserSupport 8.2.2-57.BETA production build no. 80202057.
INFO  2021-09-24T16:44:15.026 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging/op-browser-support/src/browser_verification/] Verifying browser "/usr/lib/firefox/firefox"
INFO  2021-09-24T16:44:15.159 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging/op-browser-support/src/browser_verification/] Browser "/usr/lib/firefox/firefox" verified successfully
INFO  2021-09-24T16:44:15.159 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging/op-browser-support/src/] Connection name: 1Password-BrowserSupport
INFO  2021-09-24T16:44:15.159 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging/op-browser-support/src/] 1Password app connected
WARN  2021-09-24T16:44:15.321 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation/op-linux/src/] failed to initialize keyring helper, its functionality will be unavailable: Io(Error { kind: UnexpectedEof, message: "failed to fill whole buffer" })
ERROR 2021-09-24T16:44:15.326 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging/op-browser-support/src/] CodecError(Linux(KeyNotFound))
        Happened in: native-messaging/op-browser-support/src/
INFO  2021-09-24T16:44:15.326 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging/op-browser-support/src/] Shutting down 1Password-BrowserSupport 8.2.2-57.BETA production build no. 80202057.

In addition, the KeyRingHelper log shows:

INFO  2021-09-24T16:44:15.161 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation/op-linux/src/bin/] initalizing keyring helper
ERROR 2021-09-24T16:44:15.319 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation/op-binary-support/src/] system library directory is modifiable by unprivileged processes: /usr/lib64/

Interestingly, I don't have any /usr/lib64 directory on my system.
After creating that directory (as root), the KeyRingHelper error changes to:

INFO  2021-09-24T16:49:07.515 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation/op-linux/src/bin/] initalizing keyring helper
ERROR 2021-09-24T16:49:07.644 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation/op-binary-support/src/] parent process contained untrusted libraries: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

and the integration still doesn't work.

This is while using Firefox 92.0 (from Ubuntu repos). Did not check other browsers.



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