1Password isn't populating Venmo login on Android

I am new to 1Password, so I could be missing something obvious. I apologize in advance.

I have a verified Venmo Account, and I can log into it from my Windows browser and 1Password populates the login userid and password fine.

When I am completely logged out of the Venmo app on my Android phone and click on the Android Venmo App, I get the "Sign Up" or "Log In" screen. When I click "Log in", I get the Venmo "Sign In" screen requesting my "Phone, email, or username" and "Password". When I click on either of these fields, I do not get 1Password's normal prompt from my saved 1Password Venmo item to populate either of these login fields. I am able to type my email address switch to my 1Password app on my phone, look up and copy my stored Venmo password, return to the Venmo app, paste it in and successfully log in. Is this normal? I would like 1Password to populate the Venmo login information for me as it does in my other apps. Once I have logged into the Venmo App, I can set up a PIN and enable biometrics, then close the app and the next time I open the app I am prompted for my fingerprint and can enter without logging in.

1Password Version: 7.7.819
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 11
Referrer: forum-search:venmo


  • Hi @drhender:

    I just checked on my phone, and while 1Password doesn't automatically prompt to Autofill in this case, if you tap and hold the username or password fields, you should see the Autofill button pop up above the field. Tapping that should show the 1Password entry for Venmo.

    Let me know if that works!

  • Hi @jack.platten

    I had tried this and saw the "Paste Clipboard" only, but failed to tap on the three vertical dots that also show up. When I press on the three dots, I get a dropdown with "Autofil" and when I tap on this, the option to fill from 1Password does show up. For some reason, it doesn't uniquely recognize my stored Venmo login item, but I can search 1PW for it and when I select it, the entries do populate and I can login successfully. Thank you for your help and quick response!!!

  • Glad to hear that worked @drhender :smile:

    If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask!

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