2FA codes not accepted on Windows


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  • @ag_ana @ag_tommy @Ben,

    I am running into the same problem. I recently upgraded to a new Windows laptop. I am using the same Authy authenticator from my iPhone12 that I was using with my previous Windows laptop. The connection to the old machine still works (machine is dying, though). However, I have tried to connect via the browser (Chrome, Firefox and Edge), as well as the Windows 1Password app. I get the error message upon entering my verification code (when using the browser(s)) and it continually prompts me for another verification when trying to log in through the Windows app. I have checked https://time.is on both my iPhone and new laptop. Both are running exact. Any ideas? MFA has been enabled on our company's accounts for over a year, without issue.

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    Hey @K_RaeStai, this definitely sounds like something we'd like to check out in detail.

    Can you send a short email to [email protected]? We'd be happy to check this out further and see what might be at issue. Just make sure to include a link to this discussion, so that we know that you're @K_RaeStai! Many thanks 😃

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