How to make 1Password the only PW Manager?

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How can I totally turn off Apple’s Keychain based password saving function?

Presently, I see a button labeled PASSWORDS at the bottom of the screen when I must choose between Apple’s Safari rudimentary PW manager and 1PW.

I don’t want to choose every time as I never use the built in password manager Apple provides.


  • ag_ana
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    You need to uncheck Keychain from your iOS AutoFill settings:

    1. On the iOS Home screen, tap Settings.
    2. Tap Passwords > AutoFill Passwords.
    3. Deselect iCloud Keychain

    You can see a screenshot of how that settings area should look like here.

  • FogCityNative
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    Thank you!! I didn’t even know there was a setting for Passwords in iOS. Is that new in iOs 15?

  • @FogCityNative,

    Nope, it has been there since Apple introduced AutoFill on iOS.

    The same switch doesn't exist on the Mac version of AutoFill though, the only toggle ends up being Safari -> Prefs -> Autofill usernames and passwords. That toggle unfortunately controls both Safari's presentation and the OS-level presentation for filling into arbitrary Mac apps.

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