watch tower resued passwords how do i see what other accounts are using the same password??

I followed the guide which says in watch tower under reused passwords click other options. The problem is both the browser and the app DON'T have this "OTHER OPTIONS" selection. I see it no where in either. I could be blind, its possible this is hidden somewhere that I'm not seeing. Can anyone help point me in the correct direction? I would like to figure out what accounts watch tower sees having the same account instead of going through each and every account and trying to find the matches. It shouldn't be this complicated.

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  • @alaskawagner In the Windows desktop app v7 the left hand pane has a Watchtower section which allows you to see all the logins with reused passwords. It's not really necessary to identify the matches because all the logins in that section should be changed. However, you can search for a password in the desktop app by entering it in the search box at the top of the middle pane.

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    @rootzero, thanks your input here! @alaskawagner, I see you had also reached out to via email to our customer support team. I'll follow up and we can continue the conversation there. :)

    ref: MZM-55584-778

  • thanks both.. i was able to get the info and see what i was looking for!

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    On behalf of Mike and rootzero, you're very welcome @alaskawagner! :smile:

  • I disagree with rootzeros comment that it is not necessary to see matches as sometimes there is a good reason for a password being reused. For example, I have a subscription to The Times and I am also a member of The Times Crossword Club, which has its own login page but requires me to log in with my Times subscription password. Hence within my vault I have two logins with the same password. It would be great if I could then mark that reused password as intentional so that I do not get a reused password alert each time I access the relevant login.

  • @billyman52 Where the same password is being used on two different login pages, you can add both URLs to the same login.

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    Clever approach, @rootzero!

  • So is there a way to see which accounts are using the same passwords in the browser? I'm in a similar situation to billyman in that sometimes the same account is accessed through separate domains. I'm aware I can add multiple domains to a single entry, but first I need to figure out which separate entries are using the same password. It isn't always obvious, because sometimes a website uses a third-party vendor for certain things so the two entries may look completely unrelated.

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    Hey @noktulo, does provide the option to view all items with reused passwords, however the option to search all items by password (to find all items with a particular password) isn't available in the browser or extension. To view all entries that contain reused passwords, open a vault at, then click Watchtower, and then tap Reused Passwords:

  • Right. I know that, I'm just suggesting that when viewing a reused password entry in Watchtower, it should show you which other logins are using the same password.

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    @noktulo I definitely agree, it would be awesome to have a Sort option within Reused to group together the entries that contain the same password - or the option to show all entries with that reused password directly from the in-item Watchtower banner. I've created an issue internally for the Dev team to look into, to see what we can do to improve on this.

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#1036

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