Advertising inside licensed app?

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Are you kidding me? I paid for a fully licensed copy of version 7, but now you're going to advertise memberships to me in the 1Password sidebar?

This advertisement is impossible to dismiss or make go away. It even dominates the bottom of the sidebar in that element's collapsed form:

I cannot tell you how furious this absolute [poop] makes me. I don't want to buy a membership. I don't want to move away from a local vault that I control. I don't want to switch from a native app to an Electron one. I am staying on 1Password 7 for as long as I can. I SURE AS [POOP] don't want to be treated like a freemium non-subscriber, forced to look at advertisements that I cannot eliminate from an application I PAID FOR.

Go the F away with this absolute B.S.


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hi @duncanbrook,

    The long version in search of the short version is our excitement about 1Password 8 brought us to this. We're absolutely excited about how 1Password 8 works with a 1Password membership, and we decided that 1Password 8 would be membership only (For more specifics on this, here's a post by our founder Dave Teare) and wanted to make sure customers were ready when it launches.

    We collected very little information about our buyers of a 1Password license at the time of purchase. Combined with the fact that we don't collect telemetry from the 1Password app itself, there are very few options for notifying license users of 1Password 7 that memberships were the way forward, while ensuring it was something they would definitely see.

    Using this kind of alert is something we don't take lightly, we rarely ever do as we know how important smooth workflows are, and I'd like to apologize for the interruption in your workflow for this. We'll continue to use these very sparingly (for context, I believe this is only our second used in 16 years of 1Password), but we will indeed need to have a few more to help make sure people have time to migrate over.

    Thanks again,

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Hey there @duncanbrook, thanks for taking the time to write in. I totally get where you're coming from on this one as I've long had the same reaction to any internal discussions around this type of UI within our apps.

    So what changed? As Jack mentioned above, 1Password 8 only works with a 1Password account and these accounts are the future of the product. When faced with the decision between doing nothing and giving folks a clear way forward to the next version of our apps I decided to push ahead with a plan to give people like yourself an opportunity to make the move before 1Password 8 is launched.

    I am sorry that this has rubbed you the wrong way.

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    You need to provide a mechanism to dismiss this advertisement. Neither of your responses justifies its permanent placement in the main application window.

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hi @duncanbrook,

    We're hesitant to offer an ability to acknowledge these notifications other than switching to a 1Password membership, as we'd like to encourage every license customer to convert to a 1Password membership. Standalone licenses have served us well for over a decade, but we've pushed them as far as we can and it's time to start moving forward with 1Password memberships.

    With that in mind, there is one option to disable this notification. However it comes with a very large caveat -- a use we have discussed internally for this notification service (which as I mentioned previously, we've only implemented for rare scenarios like this where we don't have any better way of reaching out) is notifying license customers like yourself about important updates or security alerts. Disabling the notification service completely would prevent us from notifying you of any security concerns using this notification service. If this notification is absolutely a dealbreaker, while we'd prefer if you didn't disable it, we'd much rather have you disable the notification service, rather than not updating 1Password 7 and not getting any security fixes we roll out as we move towards the launch of 1Password 8. To disable the notification service completely, use this command:

    defaults write com.agilebits.onepassword7 OPPreferencesBulletinServiceDisabled -bool YES


  • Move forward in 1Password 8 all you like. Leave paid copies of 1Password 7 alone.

    I will not be the first to point out that when you say "Standalone licenses have served us well for over a decade, but we've pushed them as far as we can and it's time to start moving forward with 1Password memberships," your focus is entirely on what's good for AgileBits.

    A nontrivial number of longtime users are extremely unhappy about these changes, and you'll only frustrate us that much more with "this direction is what's good for our company, so we're going to start retroactively spamming users in the old version of the application" heavy-handedness.

    If you think you can convince me to "upgrade" to 1Password 8 is by proactively degrading my bought-and-paid-for 1Password 7, your priorities have gone so ridiculously far off the reservation that you completely confirm your disappointed customers' worries about the direction of the company.

  • I'm running 1Password 7.9 and also have a standalone license. Although I don't see this ad, I do agree with @duncanbrook . It is not acceptable to involve advertisements like this in fully paid standalone versions of 1Password 7.

    I'm also one of those who hate the subscription model and regret the day when I have to look for a new password manager when 1Password 7.x would no longer work properly with my Mac and i-Devices. Longtime user since like 1Password 3.x or so.

  • Update: Actually I do see the ad now on my Windows version of 1Password 7. I don't see it in the Mac version though. Regardless, it's not acceptable to not be able to dismiss that ad.

  • I have a paid copy of 1Password v7 AND ALSO an active Family Plan Subscription.

    I am a user of subscriptions, iCloud syncing, and formerly Dropbox syncing.

    Killing Dropbox syncing broke things with my business partner (Windows, Android) and I (macOS, iOS), but we muddled through with duplicating credentials. I use iCloud vaults to help my wife and children bootstrap their accounts so that they are more likely to use 1Password and less likely to think that dad is crazy. And I also have a family account that helps me help my children with their stuff.

    I understand that the forced-subscription model works well for you, removing other syncing options makes it harder for me to support the less technical members of my family who only live with me part-time. You keep adding more friction to the product as time goes on. It doesn't matter how cool the features are if I can't teach my family how to use it because getting logged-in is a PITA. This is UX 101.

    And now ads in the latest beta?


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