406 return code when creating an item

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Hi, I'm trying to follow the guide in: https://github.com/1Password/connect-sdk-python/blob/main/example/main.py

kafka_item = onepasswordconnectsdk.models.Item(
posted_item = client.create_item(default_vault, kafka_item)

But the return code is 406.

raise FailedToRetrieveItemException(
onepasswordconnectsdk.client.FailedToRetrieveItemException: Unable to post item. Received 406     for /v1/vaults/abcdefg/items with message: Logic: (Unable to create item TomerB-Test in Vault abcdefg), 

Reading the docs, I could not find what is 406.

{"name":"1Password Connect API","version":"1.3.1","dependencies":[{"service":"sqlite","status":"ACTIVE","message":"Connected to /home/opuser/.op/data/1password.sqlite"},{"service":"account_data","status":"AVAILABLE","message":"Account data is available"},{"service":"sync","status":"ACTIVE"},{"service":"1Password","status":"ACTIVE"}]}

A follow-up question( I might need to create a separate post for that ), is, in case I have several items in a dictionary, what will be the best way to "add" them into a Field object?

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  • Heey.

    Thank you for pointing out this bug.

    Can you tell me what version of the Python SDK are you using? If you are using an older version (before v1.1.0) consider migrating to the latest one.

    Also are you able to create other items or create items in other vault? It would be helpful for us to know if the issue you're encountering is persistent across vaults and/or items.

    We are investigating this issue and will come back to you with more updates.

  • tobenary
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    Hi Eddy,

    1. The version I'm using is 1.1.0.
    2. I only have credentials to create/view items in this specific vault ( I can ask for more permissions from my IT )
    3. I can get the items in this vault using the sdk.
    4. Thanks.

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