Slow unlock for multiple vaults with system authentication service after suspend

During the working week I suspend my desktop each evening. In the morning when I wake it I use the system authentication service (my login password) to unlock 1Password and there's a considerable lag time before the 1Password interface shows anything with a single 1Password process consuming lots of CPU (for about 20 seconds). This machine has a AMD 3900 processor so the CPU itself is not slow. The interface will just be a single solid grey colour until it is finally ready at which point the normal interface shows up and everything is snappy and responsive.

I cannot reproduce this by just suspending or putting it to sleep and immediately waking it which makes me think there's a time factor at play, like there's some part of the unlock process that's cached up to a point.

When this aspect isn't cached, it feels like each vault is being unlocked in turn single-threaded instead of one thread for each (but this is just an uninformed guess without seeing the code).


  • Operating system: Linux (PopOS) 5.13.0-7620-generic
    1Password Version: 8.3.0

  • Also (unrelated) I've been a 1Pass user for ages and am super grateful for the serious effort you're investing into supporting Linux with the same level of quality as the Mac app :sunglasses: this is a great piece of software!

  • I have been experiencing a similar issue. (Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS):

    • wake from suspend in the morning
    • try to sign in to 1Pass desktop
    • hangs, get the "Force quit or wait" modal
    • Force quit, re-open, sign in, good to go
  • SavanniSavanni

    Team Member

    Hi, folks. Can you give me an estimate of how many items are in the accounts that you're unlocking? Are we talking about "a few dozen", "a few hundred", or "a few thousand"?

    This isn't to dismiss your comments at all, I'm just trying to narrow it down. We have one account that we test with that has a few thousand and it only takes a few seconds to unlock. It's also strange that it only happens after an extended suspend. Makes me wonder if there's some degree of cache flushing that's happening.

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