1Password 7.9.827 Beta is out with improvements and bug fixes!

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Hi folks,

We have a new 1Password 7 for Windows update today with improvements and bug fixes related to our migrator and we've added support to dismiss the sidebar offer as well.


7.9.828 Beta released on 11/05/2021

[NEW] Added the migration offer to the Help menu if the offer was dismissed from the sidebar, allowing it to remain available to use later. {OPW-5116}

7.9.827 Beta released on 11/04/2021

[NEW] Added support for the upcoming 1Password 8 installer to aid in installation and/or migration. {OPW-!2637}
[IMPROVED] Our migrator now informs you when a chosen destination account can't be used due to permissions or other issues. {OPW-!2650}
[FIXED] When signing in to a 1Password account for the first time, the browser integration support would not work until the next account update, such as an item change. {OPW-}
[FIXED] Fixed a rare issue where migrating an item with both a custom icon and multiple file attachments didn't move the first attachment. {OPW-!2637}
[FIXED] Fixed an issue where creating a new Document item with one or more file attachments at the same time would not allow it to be saved to the 1Password account. {OPW-5115}
[FIXED] The sidebar offer would show up for a quick millisecond after unlocking when it shouldn't be for 1Password accounts. It is also dismissible now. {OPW-5108}
[FIXED] Fixed a few crashes that were reported to us, thank you for submitting these reports to us. {OPW-5109, OPW-5110, OPW-5111, OPW-!2658}

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