1password repeatedlyask for Windows Hello PIN

I'm unable to open 1password because it ask-me repeatedly and indefinitely for pin (or fingerprint) when I try to unlock with Windows Hello, even if I put correct pin/fingerprint.
Seems something like Windows hello recognizes my pin/fingerprint (I can see my name when unlock) but 1password are unable to "catch" the right response from 1password.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 2.1.3
OS Version: Windows 11


  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member
    edited November 10

    Hey there @naamah75, I'm really sorry you're running into this issue with 1Password - I'd love to take a peek at 1Password's logs to see if we can sort out what's happening here. To do so, let's continue this conversation over email. Could you send me an email at [email protected]?

    After you email in, you should receive a Conversation ID that looks like this: [#ABC-12345-678]. Please paste that here, and I'll use it to track your email down from my end.

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting this sorted for you! :smile:

    ref: CPL-67361-541
    ref: dev/windows/opw#5121

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