Why doesn't Fastmail integration work with newsletter sign-ups?

Out of curiosity, why doesn't the 1Password+Fastmail integration work in mailing list sign-up forms? Is there a way to trigger 1Password to generate an alias that can be used for this?

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  • Hi @skeskali:

    Currently 1Password in your browser will only prompt to create a masked email in account creation fields. I can definitely see how it would be nice though to quickly create a masked email for a newsletter. We are currently tracking this as a feature request already, so I'll add your input to it! :smile:


    ref: dev/core/core#10143

  • Thanks, Jack!

  • You're very welcome @skeskali! :chuffed:

  • Basically we need this in both directions - have the option to either enter the username or the associated masked email in any email field. Too many times you are entering your email = username and your only option is to create masked email, or the opposite, when you are trying to change your email in the profile screen and the only option given is to enter your email/username. Too many times I have to go back to fastmail and manually create or copy a masked email. Thanks!

  • As a small workaround, I quickly hop into duck duck go and generate a random email address. Then have a filter in Fastmail which captures all emails to random duck alias’. Works ok in the meantime until this is solved!

    That being said, I don’t like the idea of fast mail masked emails page clogging up with non important stuff.

  • Hey @bugs and @chris55:

    I've added both of your feedback to the feature request as well. Thanks! :smile:


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