1Password unlock button hover behaviour not consistent, unsure if button is pressed - confusing UX?

Hello :)

I use 1Password for Windows on Chrome with a stylus pen as my mouse.

When 1Password is locked, you have to click a blue button that says "Unlock 1Password". I've noticed for a while now that when doing so from the extension on Chrome, the button changes colour on hover and on click. This gives the feel that the button is actually moving and you can be sure that it has been clicked. However, when doing so from the popup that appears from a password input box on a website, the button does not change colour on hover or on click, which makes it harder for me to know if it has been clicked. On top of that, because I use a stylus, I don't have the click feeling you get from a mouse to know if I actually succeeded in clicking it or not which leaves me waiting for 1Password to open (which can take quite a few seconds sometimes) to know whether or not it worked.

Is this a deliberate behaviour? If not, would be a good idea to make the button behaviours consistent?

I have included a short video as an example of what I want to show you, my explanation isn't great, sorry.



1Password Version: 7.9.828
Extension Version: 2.1.4
OS Version: Windows 10 21H1


  • Hi @rbstrachan:

    Thanks for your video. I was able to replicate this behavior, so I've filed an issue to see if we can get this smoothed out in the future. Thanks again!


    ref: dev/core/core#11265

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