No personal printer. Can I use 1Password to print on public computer with printer?

I use 1Password on why Mac, my iPhone, my iPad. I've been using it for a few years and really like it. I am applying for a Visa and part of that process is submitting actual printed documents to the consulate. I don't have personal printer. My home owner association has a public computer with a printer attached. I have used the public computer before to print blank forms (like 1040) from IRS website with no need to enter personal information (I just wanted the blank form, for example). However now I need to print some personal information like bank statements, brokerage statements, tax returns. I don't own a printer. I have many of the required documents that need printing emailed to myself in my email account. Is it possible, without compromising the intent of 1Password, to access my email account (protected by 1Password) on a public computer for the sole purpose of using a printer? I am thinking I either change my password on my email account to something easily rememberable by me, head straight downstairs, log on to the public computer, get into my email account, print the documents I need, head straight back upstairs and change my password? Or maybe even do the same thing except instead of on my Mac, right on my iPhone? Do I need to buy a printer? I would appreciate input. Please be kind in answering, perhaps the issue is answered somewhere else and/or I am not thinking properly but I couldn't find anything. Thank you to anyone who lends a hand.

1Password Version: 1PASSWORD 7
Extension Version: 1Password 7.9.1
OS Version: macOS Catalina 10.15.7
Referrer: forum-search:print on public computer


  • Does the printer support AirPrint? Then you can print directly from your iPhone.

  • Or, would it be possible to download the documents on to a USB stick and put that in the public computer?

  • Thank you XIII and MerryBit! I put my stuff on a USB stick and that worked fine. I still have some other documents (as you can imagine, applying for a Visa requires quite a few documents...and like I said, they have to be handed to them printed on paper) and I may try going directly from my phone next time as the printer does seem to have AirPrint...or at least wireless connectivity. Again, thanks to both of you!

  • Glad to hear you got it all sorted @jonlwalton! (thanks for the assist @XIII and @MerryBit! :smile:)

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    Oh, one thing I forgot to mention:

    Mail is not very secure. It's (probably) better to store important/sensitive documents in 1Password:

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    That is correct :)

  • Thanks everybody. I discovered that the printer did not have AirPrint. So I used a USB stick for all documents to print on that public computer. I did find that adobe acrobat seemed to save the document but I removed any/all copies from there. I went poking around the dirs on that public computer (it is an office space set up by the condo association so residents can use the two public computers and two printers in that space) and while I was poking around to make sure I didn't see any copies of my documents (which I found none), I did find dozens of documents store on that computer, presumably unknown to the residents, by other flood insurance policies, bank statements, etc. I told the homeowners office manager about them and told me to leave them there! Oh well!

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