1Password 8 not working as expected versus 1Password 7

Hi all.

When 1Password version 7 made the change to link the browser and desktop versions it was the best! Now I could set it so when my computer boots I would enter my master password once and I could close and re-open different browsers to my hearts content and everything would be logged in and working.

Such is not the case after upgrading to 1Password version 8. If I open Firefox just after boot I can login to 1Password and away it goes but if I close and re-open the browser it needs a login again. If the system tray is anything to go off it seems like its launching the 1Password 8 desktop client but then it gets closed once Firefox is closed. Thus ending up with a few 1Password logos as I close and re-open browsers that clear once I mouse over them.

I have every setting I am familiar with set to not lock the vault for any reason and this used to work perfectly in 1Password version 7, hopefully its a mistake on my part.


1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided


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