1Password Connect 1.4.0 Release notes


Where can I find the 1Password Connect 1.4.0 release notes?
I checked https://github.com/1Password/connect but there's only 1.3.0

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  • Hey @BramBE ! You're absolutely right, we forgot to post the v1.4.0 changelog to GitHub. I have an open PR to get those added. In the mean time, you can check them out with this link: 1password/connect/CHANGELOG.md

    The PR also includes the backwards-compatible OpenAPI spec changes that didn't make it into GitHub.

    Let me know if you have any other questions - thanks for reporting it to us!

  • BramBE
    Community Member

    Thank you.

    So basically you've added file support and exclude certain characters when auto generating a password.

    Thank you for the update

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