Why does the updater keep accessing my backup drives?

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Every single update I get the 'There are multiple copies of 1P' warning.
The extra copies are on a backup clone drive
It is totally unnecessary for the updater to check backups
Surely you can set the updater to search the main home directory only and stop these false alerts
Cheers Robert

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac 12.0.1


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    Hi @robfol:

    Extra copies of 1Password can result in the updater updating the wrong copy of 1Password. Additionally, sometimes macOS will launch the wrong copy of the app, or its extensions inside. This can cause wrong versions of extensions communicating with the app itself, and validation to fail since they're not in the same location as the app itself.

    We would recommend excluding the 1Password app in your Applications folder from your backup app. If you ever need a previous copy, you're always able to download one from our servers.


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