Sync problem...sort of.

First of all, if I have posted this in the wrong forum, I apologize. I have 1Password on Mac, iPad & iPhone. I have Dropbox enabled and don't seem to have a problem when I add new logins on the Mac. Those appears on the other two devices. However, I just added two Secure Notes on my Ipad...again added on iPad not the Mac. They appear on the iPhone..but not on the Mac. Dropbox appears to be enabled on all 3 devices. Certainly, the added items should sync to the desktop, should they not? Please advise...and thank you.


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    Can you confirm for me that your data file is located in your Dropbox folder in 1Password for Mac? Let me know the path you see on the General preference pane under "Your Data Stored In". Here are my own path and screenshot as an example.

    Users > khad > Dropbox > 1Password > 1Password.agilekeychain

    If the path is the same for you — with your own username instead of mine, obviously :) — the solution may be as simple as disabling Dropbox syncing in 1Password on your iOS devices and then turning it back on to re-authenticate with your Dropbox account.

    Please let me know.

  • I had checked is there. Just now rebooted the Mac & the items appear. I can confirm it seems to be working. Should I post something or delete the thread?

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    Great news! Thanks for letting me know that everything is working well. :)

    If you have any further trouble, please let me know. I'd be happy to troubleshoot further.


  • Great app! Takes awhile to get comfortable with it but it's worth the money & effort.

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    Thanks, @kentp! We appreciate your kinds words. There is always room for improvement, though, so if you come across anything specific that you think we can improve to make it easier to get comfortable, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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