Where do I find "Secret" password. I am trying to sync my MacBook Air to my iPhone

iPhone is not syncing with MacBook Air. Up until 2 weeks ago it was syncing but it appears I upgraded the IPhone version to 1Password 7. My MacBook Air 1 Password is the 6 version. I have connected my phone to my MacBook and in order to sync, it is asking for my Secret. I do not have in my notes a "Secret". I have my Master Key but no Secret...???

1Password Version: 6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MAC OS BIG SUR 11.6
Referrer: forum-search:"secret"


  • ag_anaag_ana 1Password Alumni

    Hi @JM02!

    I'm sorry you're unable to access your 1Password account. I'm here to help you get up and running again as soon as possible.

    Your account password and Secret Key are used to decrypt your 1Password data. Because your privacy and security are our priority, they're stored on your device and are never sent to us: About your Secret Key

    You can find your Secret Key on 1Password.com if you have already signed in, or in the 1Password apps where you have added your 1Password account: Find your Secret Key or Setup Code

    You can also find your Secret Key and Setup Code in your Emergency Kit, which you downloaded when you created your account on 1Password.com. If you don't remember saving your Emergency Kit, look in your Downloads folder for a PDF file named "1Password Emergency Kit".

  • Thank you so much for this reply! I now know the community discussion works! I was able to find my Key and Code yesterday. I am so happy my phone now has all of my passwords again. I have since printed out the page and put it in my safe.

  • Hi @JM02:

    On behalf of Ana, you are very welcome! Glad to hear you were able to locate your Secret Key and get 1Password set up on your phone again!


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