Android widget / shortcut option turned off - how do I get it back?

During setup on my android, there was a widget or shortcut-like option that looked like the 1password logo and just lived on the right side of the phone screen. I had turned it off, but would like to try it out. How/where do I turn that feature back on?

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  • tyler_tyler_

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    Hey, @nateinatl!

    It sounds like you are referring to the accessibility shortcut feature available starting with Android 12. See the screenshot below as an example of what the accessibility shortcut looks like on the home screen for 1Password on Android 12.


    If that's what you mean, you can turn the accessibility shortcut on and off from the Android Settings app by tapping Settings > Accessibility > 1Password > 1Password Shortcut. See the screenshots below for illustration of those steps.


    The accessibility shortcut simply toggles the accessibility features on and off for 1Password. You can find more information about accessibility shortcuts from Android Accessibility Help.

    If you're talking about something else, let me know!

  • Yes! that's exactly it, thank you. I actually got a random android notification about turning it on so I have it now. But it doesn't do anything?! tap, drag, long press....nothing happens. Wondering if there is a setting within the app I also have to enable?

  • tyler_tyler_

    Team Member

    Great! I'm glad that's what it was and you were able to turn it back on.

    Yeah, tapping the shortcut doesn't appear to do anything, but it actually does do something behind the scenes. It toggles the accessibility features on and off for 1Password. Those accessibility features include filling and saving in apps and browsers. Check our documentation about filling and saving on Android for more details.

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