Syncing - but not syncing?

I am using legacy 1Password (6.8.9) on my Macbook and 7.9.3 on iPhone. I sync to a personal vault, my spouse's vault and a shared work vault. I can sync to all three on my Macbook, but on my iPhone the first two work fine, but the work one isn't syncing properly, even though it claims that it is. No matter how many times I sync to the most recent agile keychain on Dropbox (date modified 28 October 2021 according to Finder), it still only updates as far as 2018. I am completely stuck. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi @docnarrative:

    I'm afraid we have limited resources for troubleshooting issues with sync via Dropbox at this point. With that said, I would encourage you to review this guide:

    If you're having trouble syncing with Dropbox

    If you're still having trouble after working through each of the suggestions there then I'd like to get you in touch with our migration team who can help you get up and running with a more seamless sync experience. They can be reached at [email protected]. Either way, we'll help you make it right. Please let me know how it turns out.


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