Support for Bitwarden custom fields in mrc-converter-suite


Hi would it be possible to add support for Bitwarden custom fields? Right now all fields are just added as "plain notes".
Bitwarden has 3 types: text, hidden and boolean.
No idea what boolean is used for but at least 'hidden' -> 'concealed' and 'text | boolean' -> 'string' would be nice.

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  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    Hi @leblub

    I'd be happy to make updates to better handle the custom fields. Can you tell me how you'd like to see them mapped?

    There are Text, Hidden, Boolean, and Linked, so:

    Text - this one is easy, it's just a key / value pair, and can be placed in a new section with the key / value.

    Hidden - this one is also just like Text, a key / value pair, but I could apple the "conceal" attribute to it.

    Boolean - this is just a "true" / "false" type of key/value pair.

    Linked - The linkedId provided seems meaningless in the JSON file, but I presume that it's values (100 = Username, 101 = Password) are references to internal UI fields for that entry. What would you like done with this field?

  • Hi @MrC,

    Exactly like that :)

    I've just checked that linked field, it has way more values depending on entry type (id, card, ...). Good question, I see 2 possibilities, either ignore or save as text in case someone wants to switch back to Bitwarden.
    Personally I have no problem discarding it as I have no idea what it's good for anyways:)

    Thanks !

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator


    I've updated the converter suite to add these features.

    Use the --addfields option to get your custom fields placed into a 1Password section.

    Custom Hidden fields will be concealed in 1Password with this option.

    Linked fields will show the link's referent field (i.e. Username or Password). Links are essentially a Username or Password alias in Bitwarden, to allow form filling of HTML fields that don't match "username" or "password".

    Custom fields of type Text and Boolean were already supported, and --addfields would have placed them into a 1Password section.

    Without --addfields, all custom fields will go to the Notes section.

    Not that Identity types may be expanded into several additional 1Passwords records (Social Security, Passport, and Drivers License). Without --addfields, the custom fields for the original Identity record will end up in the Notes fields for all the records resulting from expansion. When --addfields is used, only the Identity record will contain the custom fields. This is a simply an implementation limitation and quirk, that is not worth resolving.

  • @MrC
    Great, that seems to do the trick.

    For reference: Bitwarden linked field types
    But like I said before, better to just ignore or use the number to avoid problems with localization.

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    Excellent, @leblub

    I saw the link today and reviewed it. I can change the code to use the number and a phrase. English is at least translatable, whereas a number will be meaningless to almost everyone.

    Enjoy 1Password!

  • ag_anaag_ana 1Password Alumni

    Thank you for all the help MrC :)

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