Autofill of street with/without house number

If I want to enter my name and address to some web form, 1Password offers me to autofill with my identity entry. In general, this works fine.
With one issue: many websites have separate fields for street name and house number. 1Password never recognizes this. It always fills street name and house number both into the street name field. The house number field always stays empty.

If 1Password is supposed to handle 2 separate fields, it doesn't do this for me. My house number is a number like 12-14, that means it's not a pure number but has a hyphen in it.

In the 1Password editor of my identity entry, in the "Address" field I entered my address like this:

My Street Name 12-14
City name

1Password Version: 80500071, im Kanal „NIGHTLY“
Extension Version: Chrome, Version 2.2.0
OS Version: Windows 10


  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

    Team Member

    Hey there @tertius3, sorry about the difficulty there! I'll admit that I haven't personally come across a website that has a separate field for the house number - could you send me an example or two? I'll take a few swings at it to see if I can convince the 1Password extension to fill in a house number, and if not we can file something for the Development team to look into. :smile: Thanks!

  • For example here:

    To find more of these websites, google for "deutschland dsl verfügbarkeit" and you find a huge number of such forms.
    In addition, most of these websites who check the availability of broadband internet in Germany ask the data in a very restricted way, so you aren't able to enter an address that doesn't exist in their databases. I bet it's a chore to make 1Password autofill these. However, the first url above is freeform without such javascript-supported input check.

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