Keyboard Shortcuts For Safari Extension?

The keyboard shortcuts for the Safari browser extension still use the old 1Password X ones--e.g., "Cmd + Shift + X" to show 1Password in Safari, and "Cmd + Shift + L" to lock 1Password. Can we customize these just like in the other browsers? Or at least mirror the custom shortcuts we have in the desktop app?

Also, the keyboard shortcut I set up for locking the 1P 8 Early Access app doesn't work anymore. I tried changing it, etc. When I'm on the Mac desktop, for example, the system reads my keyboard shortcut just as if I had pressed any letter. (For example, if you're on the Mac desktop screen and press a letter on your keyboard, it will select the first file/folder on the desktop that corresponds to the letter. In other words, there's some kind of bug that's causing the Mac to not send the command to lock the 1Password app. It over-rides it?)

1Password Version: Early Access 8.5
Extension Version: latest for Safari; 2.x.x
OS Version: macOS 12.1.x


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    I am not aware of a way to customize the shortcuts. I'll have to check with the extensions team on that. I also replied to your earlier topic on the locking behavior. I experience the same. I have let the developers know.

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