1password super blurry on windows 10

Hello everyone

please, why is 1Password sooo blurry most of the time on Windows 10? Jesus Christ!

I'm using the 8.5 Beta, but even on 7 its the same, makes no difference...please!

Using 2 monitors @ 2560x1440

Its driving me crazy

1Password Version: 80500083
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10


  • anyone?

  • Let's rule out these two easy ones first...

    Zoom Level:
    1. Click the three dots in the top left corner of the 1Password 8 window and then click Zoom.
    2. Make sure you click 'Actual Zoom Ctrl + 0'. Or you can press Ctrl + 0 on your keyboard.
    3. How does 1Password look?

    Same on just one monitor?
    This would rule out a dual monitor issue. Close and open 1Password each time you do this.

    1. A bit drastic but can you unplug monitor 2 and see if you see the same on monitor 1.
    2. How does 1Password look?
    3. Likewise, then unplug monitor 1 and then see if you see the same on monitor 2.
    4. How does 1Password look?

    Looks like you are using 1Password 8.5 Beta, but as you see this on 7 as well that makes me think it's a display setting on your computer? Close and open 1Password when you do the following.

    1. On the Windows 10 Desktop, right click and choose 'Display Settings'.
    2. Under 'Scale and Layout' set the option to '100% (Recommended)' - it may already be set to this.
    3. How does 1Password look?
    4. If it is no different, then click 'Advanced scaling settings' (under the 100% as in point 2 above).
    5. Under 'Fix scaling for apps' turn off the option 'Let Windows try to fix apps so they're not blurry'.
    6. How does 1Password look?
  • Hello @Powerless

    I tried everything that you proposed, (the last settings with the Advanced scaling options was already enabled from before)

    Nothing helped sadly
    Same thing on both monitors, the blur is absurd

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