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Password creation w/o saving password

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How can I create a password without creating a login or password item? If I run Keepass2, there is a menu Tools | Generate Password. In Enpass is also a quick create possible. In both software I can set the requirements of the password like nu uppercase letters, no similar letters, nos special characters etc.

I use such generating for password encrypted ZIP and PDF. With Keepass2 I have created a command line script.

The same question applies also for the mobile apps of 1password.

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    edited January 2022

    Hi @CologneGuy, this is a great question. You can find the password generator feature within 1Password for your browser. 👍Here are the steps:

    1. Open your browser and click the 1Password icon (or press ctrl + shift +x). Unlock with your usual password.
    2. Click on the key-shaped icon.

    Here you'll find the password generator. By default, the setting is set to smart password, which is the mode 1Password uses when it tries to match a given website's password requirements for length, special characters, and so on. But you can create your own generated passwords by using the random password or memorable password, which are less encumbered by such restrictions.

    You can also adjust the length and other aspects of the password to be generated.

    On the mobile apps, I believe you do have to create a login or password item to use the password generator. However, if this isn't convenient for you, you can always bookmark this: https://1password.com/password-generator/

    I hope this is helpful - let me know if it meets your needs!

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