Multiple items inside a secret resource

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Is it possible to create 1 k8s secret resource with multiple items from the same vault? I have tried to add 2 items from the annotations but it always overwrites it. For example:

annotations = {
  "" = "vaults/TestVault/items/test1"
  "" = "vaults/TestVault/items/test2"
  "" = "Test1pass"

Where test1 is a set of creds different than test2.

Another question would be, I currently have sets of creds inside secrets without following the "username" and "password" fields. However, whenever I create one from 1password, it grabs those fields and creates the data inside the k8s secret. What if instead of "username" and "password" I want to have something different in the secret? Perhaps I should add the creds in 1password with custom fields somehow?


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