1password locks after browser close

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I recently installed Linux on my Hp 360 ca-00053 DX it's a new Chromebook that now can run Linux apps. So, I installed the Opera Browser and the extension from the play store to use 1 password (all works no issue)

Since I only use the computer at home and I don't EVER Take it out of the house, what I've done is I've set up 1 password to stay on for 12 hours before it will "lock" by doing this it makes things easier because I won't have to put my password in every time to restart one password, and it works perfectly fine ONLY with the Chrome browser. Now doing the same thing with opera since I installed the Opera browser using Linux It works fine except every time I close the lid, or the laptop has 5 minutes of inactivity and sleeps the Opera browser locks 1passwords extension.

I have the extension set up the exact same way as I do with the Chrome extension. But no luck With getting Opera browser to operate the same way that the Chrome browser does.

My computer is set to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity so if I walk away from it, or close the lid I then have to put the master password in the computer in order for the computer to come back on.

if you don't know what my 25 character master password is all you have then to see is a black screen.

I live In my own house and I don't mind if anybody's here and looks in my computer I have nothing to hide However, if you close the lid or walk away from it for more than 5 minutes the computer will lock, and you need the master password which is 25 characters in order to get back into the computer so even if my computer was stolen if you close the lid and try to open it you need it to know that 25 character password, or you'll see nothing but a black screen.

I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or if this is just the way it will be if I choose to use Opera?

any idea how to unlock the 1password like I have it set on the Chrome browser. Is this possible?

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